Scratch M.D.
Doc, I'm sorry to say... But I think I'm flushed for you

Wait, that can happen? You must have the wrong guy.

It’s strange to have new followers all of a sudden. I’m guessing you’ve all come because of those cosplay pictures that have suddenly grown popular again. Welcome. This is my blog. I rarely post things and when I do I masquerade as if I am marginally clever. Enjoy your stay.

Well that explains it.

((I'm not sure in what light to take, well, any of what I can see on your blog - insufficient data, and all that - but the very fact that even while distressed you are eminently able to conduct witty repartee shows - Well. If you choose to return again to this account you'll be welcomed by most I can think of. Apologies if your inbox is already full of identical conciliatory messages, and whatever you choose to do, it is, as ever, your choice, and good luck with it, and your other endeavours. ))

My inbox has been empty for over a month, so your apologies are unnecessary. My apologies for any confusion caused by the contents of my blog. I never left this account, I just don’t post very often… or at all.

You are beautiful and perfect this has been a PSA

Could there perhaps be a part of this PSA that explains why I’m starting to gain followers for no discernible reason?

the next step is something i most certainly cannot mess up

i dont want to regret this

so i wont leave room to

It’s over.

"Leanin like tha tower of peza [Eiffel Tower Emoticon]"

"Leanin like tha tower of peza [Eiffel Tower Emoticon]"

Why?! You are great!!

I’m not going to argue the opinion of a gray circle with sunglasses. It is, in fact, an opinion, after all, even if I disagree with it.